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Servicios federados – Apoyando a usuarios, hoy y en el futuro

The technological and ICT possibilities for research have greatly increased and improved over the last decades. With this trend, new challenges have appeared as well, both on the national and international levels. The research users worldwide are facing a whole new set of challenges, due to the technology advancement and the market trends in the ICT offerings. During a requirement gathering activity, taking 3 months, we’ve talked with international research communities in different scientific areas, collecting information about their future plans and the challenges they are facing, or anticipating for the next 5 years. Some common trends have emerged across the different users’ groups, mostly in areas like cloud computing, storage needs and trust and identity. This talk will explain what these challenges and concerns are, and how the R&E Network community can help their users to face them.

Enzo Capone
Tom Fryer

Enzo Capone

Head of the Research Engagement and Support Team in GÉANT

Enzo Capone is the Head of the Research Engagement and Support Team in GÉANT, in charge of providing user support for pan-European and international scientific groups and collaborations, and in the Science and Research engagement activities. With a background in computer science and networking, his previous positions were network architect and manager with the Department of Physics of the University of Naples, in charge of the computing for physics experiments, and Technical Associate to the ATLAS experiment collaboration at CERN and to the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). 

Tom Fryer

Project Manager of EU funding projects at GÉANT

Tom Fryer is a member of the International Relations Team at GÉANT where he supports international dialogue between the GÉANT community and GÉANT’s Partner Organisations outside Europe, including Latin America.
Tom has worked closely with RedCLARA and the Latin American NRENs since 2008 when he joined the GÉANT Community, and has been an active participant in the ALICE2, ELCIRA and MAGIC projects.
Today, he is Project Manager of EU funding projects which support the implementation of BELLA transatlantic connectivity and is a member of the BELLA Steering Committee. Tom also supports GÉANT relations with partners in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.
He has a degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK.

Identity and access management, particularly in a federated environment, enables so much: engaging in international research and collaboration, supporting secure access to online materials, and allowing for a greater control over user privacy. This talk will look at the benefits, and challenges, of enabling federated identity in an academic setting, and offer insight into how other regions of the world are taking advantage of federated services to improve local digital service offerings within their communities.

Heather Flanagan

Heather Flanagan

Facilitator/Project Manager for Global Collaborative Communities at Spherical Cow Consulting, IAM Coordinator and Technical Editor at NSRC

Heather Flanagan has many roles in the standards development and identity management communities. She has worked with a variety of organizations and international efforts, including REFEDS, the Network Startup Resource Center, the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), and the Internet Society. Her work with the Resource Access in the 21st Century (RA21) focuses on the development of best practice around federated identity discovery through various pilot activities.  Heather is heavily engaged in the standards development community, most notably as the RFC Series Editor where she manages the publication process for the IETF, IAB, IRTF, and the Independent Submissions streams to create RFCs.



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