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Download the book "Enhancing the University of the XXI Century", launched at TICAL2017

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In what ways can universities take advantage of Big Data, the Internet of Things and mobile devices, enhancing their teaching and research? This and other relevant questions are the subject of the book "Enhancing the University of the XXI Century: ICT Solutions to Think the University of the Future", launched by RedCLARA in the framework of the TICAL2017 Conference (July 3 and 5, in San Jose, Costa Rica), and already available for download at the event website.

Organized by Ernesto Chinkes, IT Coordinator of the University of Buenos Aires, the publication analyzes the possibilities of use of Information and Communication Technologies by the Latin American Universities in five chapters, written by different ICT experts of the region: Big Data and Analytics (Ernesto Chinkes), IoT and the Intelligent Campus (Diana Rocio Plata Arango), Supercomputer in Research (Luiz Alberto Gutiérrez Díaz de León), Mobile Devices in University Dynamics (Nadja Starocelsky) and Social Networks as Learning Platforms (Roberto Price Rojas).

"I hope that the work will be useful for the universities of our region and also for others in the world; Useful to understand a world with more questions than certainties, but which clearly envisions a historic opportunity to improve institutions of higher education", says Chinkes.

"Enhancing the University of the XXI Century: ICT solutions to think the University of the Future" is now available for consultation and download, in spanish, on TICAL2017 site, at http://tical2017.redclara.net/index.php/organizacion/sobre-tical/publicaciones




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